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Direct from the farm, our genuine Saltbush grazed lamb is hand raised for us by the Donovan family farm in Mulwala, NSW on the flats of the Murray River.

This is genuine Saltbush grazed lamb, guaranteed. No pellet supplements. The Donovans practice the highest standard of Saltbush lamb production and processing available to you straight from the farm to your plate.

Our lambs are hand selected direct from the farm where they have enjoyed intense grazing on Old Man Saltbush, a natural Australian native on wide open pastures. This grazing gives the lamb a unique texture, flavour and nutrient dense quality that we guarantee will have you totally converted from supermarket lamb. 

Saltbush and native plantlife delivers great health benefits including high levels of Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin E, Beta-carotene and Vitamin A. This vitamin and mineral density is due to the depth of the Saltbush roots.

Please note: each side of saltbush lamb includes primal cuts only. Please refer to the ‘what do I get’ tab on the order page for specific cuts.

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