Duck Fat: Australian Made, Llangothlin NSW

Price: $7.99 per 175g (out of stock) & $16.99 per 420g
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100% Australian hand poured duck fat from the happy muscovy ducks on the McKenzie family farm.  This product will guarantee you the crispiest roast spuds ever – perfect accompaniment to your roast and 100% handmade on the farm, UGoose rendered duck fat has a 12 month shelf life. This product contains no artificial stabilisers, so requires refrigeration.

Fully pastured on the New England highlands of Llangothlin, NSW, UGoose boast delicious.produce awards State winners for both 2016 and 2017 for their goose produce. 


Product Details

duck hand sourcedFree ranging Giant Muscovies begin life ranging through Inverell’s wheat belt before reaching maturity, when they are moved to Llangothlin for their finishing weeks before processing. No hormones, antibiotics or veterinary drugs administered, and no fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides used on the grazing land.

These ducks spend their days on the Mackenzie family farm where they free range and enjoy paddocks, ponds and natural grasses.  Their diet consists of natural pasture, grasses and naturally occurring proteins. 

Muscovy ducks are the only domesticated duck which is not descended from the mallard. The scientific name, Cairina moschata, means the “musky one from Cairo”. Muscovies are also known as an Indian Duck, the Libyan Duck and, in a culinary context, the Barbary Duck.  Muscovies do not quack. Instead, the males make a “hissing” sound while the females make a sound known as a “pip.” This “pip” is a very exotic sounding call, somewhat similar to a flute quickly alternating between the notes F and G.

The Muscovy Diet
‘Pasture raising’ Muscovies does not mean a diet of grasses, although greenery does make up a portion of their diet. Muscovies love to eat flies, maggots, mosquitos, mosquito larva, slugs, bugs of all sorts, black widow spiders, the brown fiddleback spider and any thing that creeps and crawls. They will search in, under, around and through places to find these tasty morsels, and will eat ants and destroy ant dens. Muscovy ducks love roaches and eat them like candy.


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About the Mackenzies

TFresh Goose Hand Sourcedhe Mackenzie’s are 5th generation farmers working from their home property ‘Seaforth’, located in Llangothlin, the New England region of northern NSW. Their family business, ‘UGoose’, are the only goose producers in the country to breed, incubate, hatch, brood, grow, finish and process all on their own land.

All breeding gaggles of geese and goslings for market are pasture assisted and offered  vitamin balanced rations.  NO geese are force fed – they grow and develop as nature intended.

These geese grace the table of Noma Australia, Rockpool, Spice Temple, ARIA, The Bridge Room, MoVida Aqui, Momofuku, Victor Churchill & Vue De Monde to name a few. Now, you can try them for yourself– or freeze a bird for your Christmas table.


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