Jumbo Sommerlad Heritage Christmas Chicken

Price: $23.99 per kg
Deposit: $20.00

There are only a limited number of these birds and they’re really something special.

If turkey’s not your thing, and goose gives you goosebumps, then this is simply the very best option. These are big, bold, deeply-flavoured birds and come from heritage genetics, slow grown for 13-16 weeks. They really do serve as a reminder of the days when chicken was something special, and will be a stunning centerpiece on any festive table. 

Because Sommerlad chickens grow slowly, and in their natural environment, they reach a variety of differing shapes, sizes, and skin colouring.  Our chickens are born, bred, raised and grown specifically for the Brisbane market by Kim and Bryan Kiss of Grassland Poultry, near Wellington in NSW. Their diet is GM, hormone, medication and soy product free. They thrive on forage, relentlessly seek bugs, grasshoppers and small insects, and have access to locally sourced whole wheat grain, sunflower, corn and sorghum. 

Sommerlad Heritage Bred Whole Chickens – multiple award winning high welfare table birds bred, raised and grown on farm. Pastured, free-ranging, happy, healthy chooks.  This product is sold by final weight. Pay the deposit amount to secure your order. We will contact you to confirm the final order weight, price, outstanding amount payable and any special requests. This product is frozen.  


Product Details

Multiple award-winning Sommerlad Heritage chickens are exclusively bred by just five (5) authorised Sommerlad farmers spread across Australia. These are an exclusive, prestige chicken and advance orders are highly recommended. Unlike the standard white chickens (Cobb or Ross) available from almost all meat chicken farms in Australia, Sommerlad table birds are bred on farm using heritage genetics, live longer, free ranging lives, and are processed and hand finished chemical free. 

Sommerlad chickens look, cook and taste completely different from any chicken available to Australia. They are fully pastured, free ranging heritage breeds, reminiscent of the famous Bresse and Label Rouge chickens from France, and perfect for those seeking deeply flavoured natural poultry the way chicken used to be. Sommerlad chickens are used in some of the best restaurant kitchens around Australia. 

All Hand Sourced Sommerlad chickens come direct from the breeding farm and carry PROOF certification. No hormones, growth promotants, chemical intervention, no synthetics or lot feeding.  Just 100% natural chicken, the way it used to be. 

We are proud to be Brisbane’s sole distributor of Sommerlad Heritage Chicken and a small range of Sommerlad ready-to-eat products as made by our farmers.

For food service, hospitality, wholesale and retailer pricing, please contact us directly: hello@handsourced.com.au

Sommerlad chicken - hand sourced

Collection or Delivery


This product will be available to collect from Clayfield, Brisbane.
For collection details, please join our Buyers Group Club or contact us here.

Delivery is available to most locations throughout Brisbane, South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Air freighted deliveries can be made to all airports listed here: (www.virginaustralia.com/au/en/bookings/cargo/cargo-contact-list) on an 'airport to airport' basis. Please refer to our Customer Service or FAQs page for our delivery options and pricing or contact us for more information.

Where a deposit is required, the balance of your account is subject to final weight. This is to avoid you overpaying if your order comes in less than the farmer’s estimation. Payment of your balance can be made on the day of collection via cash, eft from your phone to our bank, or via credit card (a 2.5% surcharge applies). Invoices are issued to food service clientele. Please let us know if you require a credit application.

About the Sommerlads


Michael & Kathryn Sommerlad - Founders of Sommerlad Chicken

Until November 2017 the Sommerlad family personally managed, bred, and developed their exclusive heritage table poultry for the Australian market. Diverse pedigree strains, specifically bred to thrive in free-range pasture rearing environments, mean they are well suited to Australian climatic conditions. Sommerlad chickens are, by nature, active foragers. They boast long, strong legs, colourful plumage and walk tall and proud due to pasture grazing and a natural diet.​ Unlike commercial strains, Sommerlad birds are naturally slow grown for 10-12 weeks before processing.

Michael Sommerlad now consults to each of the Sommerlad authorised farmers, providing assistance, guidance and support as this major milestone continues gather traction in our food system. At a time when nearly all chicken farmed and eaten in our country comes from the same imported genetic stock, Sommerlad chicken represents a quiet revolution in Australian chicken farming.

Hand Sourced Sommerlad chickens are bred, grown and processed for our Brisbane market, and are exclusively available through our food service division.


About Kinmana Organics

Justin & Rita Porker - Kinmana Organic Farm

Justin and Rita Porker run Kinmana Organic Farm with their 5 home-educated children in the Mallee of South Australia. Their philosophy is simple: "Our farming methods reflect our desire and commitment to provide a safe and sustainable place for future generations." Justin is a fourth generation Mallee farmer, and Rita is from organic farming background in central Queensland. Together, they have developed a specialised farming system to suit the delicate Mallee environment, thus ensuring a balance of production and maintaining ecology.

Dedication to organics began for the couple over a decade ago when Justin's health necessitated changes. His personal journey with severe chemical sensitivity makes him committed to producing 100% natural, chemical-free meat available for others to enjoy. Kinmana are fully PROOF certified.

Hand Sourced Sommerlad chickens are bred, grown and processed for our Brisbane market, and are exclusively available through our food service division.


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