Kangaroo Island Island Free Ranging Muscovy Duck

Price: $25.99 per kg
Deposit per carton (due now):

Hilltop Lodge muscovy ducks grow slowly in their natural environment roaming free on Kangaroo Island, SA.  This product is supplied frozen, and carton contents have been hand packed by farmer John on his family farm, ready for your freezer. 

Muscovy ducks and drakes are primarily meat-eaters, and this difference is noted in their exceptionally rich, moist, deeply coloured flesh. Muscovy meat is 98% or greater fat free. Being lean, meat from the Muscovy duck is not greasy like other ducks. Although Muscovies have very little fat compared to other breeds you will still get enough precious home-grown duck fat to fill a small jar

Make your order, pay your deposit, and we’ll invoice you the balance of $25.99 per kilo depending on the carton size of your choice (save on the RRP of $35.50kg). 

  • Age: 12-15 weeks
  • Seasonal Weight: 1.2-2.6kg.

Please ensure you have read the delivery options before placing your order. Sorry, sold out. More free roaming ducks available March-April 2022. Advance orders can be placed via email.

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Collection & Delivery

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