Pasture raised grass fed bones – pork

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Using bones for broth or stock is wonderful for its anti-stress, anti-inflammatory, supportive healing and digestive properties. It also helps heal the gastrointestinal tract, helps repair cartilage, adds flavour. 

You will get gelatine from the connective tissue. Gelatine contains the amino acids glycine, alanine and proline, which have positive benefits for the body and balance out less desirable amino acids.  Amino acids from collagen are reported to aid in tumour inhibition, wound healing, sleep and anti-stress as well as the prevention of inflammation, free radical damage and diabetes. They’re great for the tummy, joints and for a calm mind.

If you are choosing to cook with bones, it’s really important to choose quality, chemical free bones. Toxins that enter the animal’s body are stored away in bone and fat – where they are ‘safer’ for the animals – away from blood circulation and the brain. Slow cooking with bones still releases gelatine, but can also release unwanted toxins, especially if you are slowly simmering a bone broth for 12 hours or more. This means while you are nourishing your own body with all of those wonderful properties of the collagen and minerals like calcium, you might also be receiving heavy metals and chemical concentrates unless you choose carefully.

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