Rose Veal: Tommerup farm, Kerry QLD

Price: Full carcass: Food Service Only
Full carcass: Food Service Only:

Tommerup Rose Veal is a premium, quality product originating through the desire to respect the lives of male calves born into the family’s dairy farming industry. Rose Veal is an ethical, sustainable source of young, premium grade milk fed beef, with a flavour profile that is unsurpassed. 

After calving, young vealers stay on their mother’s milk for the first 2-4 weeks, developing natural antibodies and immunities, and beginning to lay down natural fat stores. As time progresses and mothers return to the dairy system, young calves maintain their milk diet administered by hand from the Tommerup family. Calves are slowly introduced to pasture, their diet supplemented by the Tommerup’s selectively sourced blend of legumes, grains and tonics, which support and maintain optimum health.  For the duration of their lives, vealers have unlimited access to milk as well as native and improved paddocks where they frolic and graze on green Kerry pastures. It is this diet, rich in dairy milk combined with pasture, and a healthy, active life that gives Rose Veal it’s distinct rosy pink colour and light, delicately buttery taste and melt in the mouth texture.

A small number of vealers, thoughtfully raised, are available to select food service clients. Please contact us for more information.



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