Wild Venison 2-Leg Freezer Pack – 1 x Bone-in leg and 4 x Boneless leg roasts

Price: $45.99KG
Deposit per venison 2-leg pack (due now): $100.00

Fair Game have a passion for sustainable, ethical food supply to meet all markets. Delicate and light in flavour with a texture similar to beef.  

As an un-farmed product, venison is all-natural and free from added hormones and antibiotics. Bulk sourced wild venison originates from animals with a free-ranging lifestyle, with unrestricted access to native Australian bush-food and prime grazing land.  Regular RRP $48.99kg 

You will receive 2 x legs, the average weight per leg is 4-7 kg per leg (bone-in) 2-4kg (boneless).

  • Leg one is bone-in and is great as a whole roast. 
  • Leg two is boned and cut into the following 4 cuts:  topside (makes amazing medallions); rump (the most tender of the leg muscles); knuckle/round (‘mini roast’ – the deepest flavour of the leg muscles);  Girello/eye of the round. These cuts make for perfect roasts or steak cuts and are amazing for carpaccio or tartare. They are the most flavourful of all venison cuts.  

How to order: Quantity below refers to legs (‘1’ = 2 x legs, one bone-in, 1 boneless). Allow 7-21 days to process your order. This product is sold by final weight and is harvested and packed to order, but may be provided frozen depending on demand. Please contact us if you have a preference.  Please ensure you have read the collection/delivery options below before placing your order, and contact us with any queries, we’re happy to help. 

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Collection and Delivery

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