Flinders Island Wild Wallaby (carton)

Price: market price, see listing below
Deposit per carton (due now): $100.00

Our Flinders Island Wallaby comes from a simple desire to make positive change for our environments, health and communities. They see an opportunity to provide high protein, low fat, sustainable meat by making wild game accessible to every dinner table. Their animals never spend a single living moment in captivity and are as nature intended – 100% chemical, antibiotic and hormone free.  Source: FLINDERS ISLAND.

Specifications for carton options: (Cuts can be mixed and matched, please add 0.50c per kg per product) – wanting a smaller quantity? Contact us for help.

  • WILD Wallaby Porterhouse: 170g per portion, 2 portions per bag. 15kg carton: $30.95kg (deposit required)
  • WILD Wallaby Topside: 200g per portion, 2 portions per bag. 15kg carton: $30.95kg (deposit required)
  • WILD Wallaby Rump: 80-100g per portion, 2 portions per bag. 15kg carton: $24.50kg (deposit required)
  • Wild Wallaby Tail (Bone-in): 800g per portion, 1 portion per bag, 10kg carton $13.00kg (deposit required)
  • WILD Wallaby Shanks: 400g per portion, 2 portions per bag. 10kg carton: $19.90kg (deposit required)
  • WILD Wallaby Mince: 500g bags, 15kg carton $17.70kg (deposit required)
  • Wallaby Trim: 1 kg packs, 15 packs per carton, 15kg carton $13.00kg (deposit required)

*From May 1, this product will attract a $35.00  fee due to transport from remote hunting locations. If choosing the ‘delivery’ option for your product, this fee will be deducted from any additional delivery fees. Contact us if you are unsure and we will assist in working out your costing.

How to order: Quantity below refers to carton lots (‘1’ = 1 x carton). Allow 7-21 days to process your order. This product is sold by final weight which may be slightly higher or lower than the average as shown, and is harvested and packed to order, and provided frozen.  Please ensure you have read the collection/delivery options below before placing your order, and please contact us with any queries, we’re happy to help. 

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Collection and Delivery

Where a deposit is required, the balance of your account is subject to any final weights.  Payment of all balances must be made prior to collection or delivery, and can be made via bank transfer or credit card (a 2.5% credit surcharge applies), and totals including delivery will be issued via invoice. Do we deliver to your area? Please ensure you have read all freight and delivery information for locations, rates, courier terms and information before placing and finalising your order.

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