Pastured Duck

We offer two types of duck: Muscovy Duck; and Pekin Duck.

Pekin Ducks: Priding themselves on sustainable farming practices, Burrawong Gaian raises premium pasture-reared ducks, where roaming in an open-range environment allows the birds to forage and express their character. With a paddock-to-plate philosophy and ethical farming methods, Burrawong Gaian are the only Humane Choice accredited free range poultry producer. 

Muscovy Ducks: Fully pastured Muscovy ducks are bred, hatched, raised and slaughtered on the MacKenzie family farm situated in Gippsland, Vic. Ducks are antibiotic and hormone-free, and are fully free ranging on chemical-free pasture. They are hand processed and air chilled, with no chemical applications to the skin.  

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