Sommerlad Heritage Chicken

Sommerlad chickens are free-ranging and chemical-free. They are bred naturally with a slow growth rate, meaning organs, muscles and bones grow in harmony, their longer outdoor life developing a bird with outstanding texture and flavour.

Multiple award-winning Sommerlad Heritage chickens are hard to find and highly sought after, and Kim and Bryan Kiss breed, grow and process original Sommerlad genetics on their farm. These chickens live longer, free-ranging lives in the natural woodlands of Wellington, New South Wales. They are chemical-free and finished by hand. Sommerlad chickens look, cook, and taste unlike any other chicken available in Australia.

These birds are an excellent choice if you want a truly natural, slow grown chicken that is full of flavour and reminiscent of the chickens of yesteryear. They grace some of Australia’s finest restaurant kitchens. Why not extend this grace to yours?   Read more about these chickens here.

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