Pasture Raised Lamb

The Porker family farm (Kinmana Organics) are located in SA and their produce is entirely pasture-raised and Certified Organic. We receive our sheep from this one single farm, so we know we have single origin produce from the farm to us, and then from us to you.

Justin and Rita specialise in the best organic, free-range produce available, healthy for the earth and healthy for you.  Stringent organic certification and inspection requirements by AusQual guarantee you will receive only the highest quality. 100% grass fed, nothing else.  NO GMO, no chemicals, no herbicides on the pasture, and no pesticides. No mulesing or flystrike chemicals. You can view the Porker’s organic certification certificates here.

The Porkers believe that some things are best left to nature, and lamb, hogget and mutton is one of them.

Because nothing beats slow-grown pasture-raised produce.

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