Fully Pastured Embden Cross Goose

Price: $53.95 per kg
Deposit per order (due now):

Multi-award winning fully pastured heritage bred Embden cross geese are bred, hatched, raised and slaughtered on the McKenzie family farm. Geese are antibiotic and hormone-free and are fully free ranging on chemical-free pasture. They are hand processed and air chilled, with no chemical applications to the skin. UGoose is situated in Gippsland, Vic. Geese are supplied frozen.

  • Delicious Produce Award-winning geese
  • Age: 6-7 months (Prime)
  • Seasonal Weight: 2.5kg – 5.5kg per bird.


How to order: Make your order, (‘1’ = 1 x carton of three geese per carton) below, pay your deposit, and we’ll invoice you the balance of $53.95 per kilo (save on the RRP of $64.00kg) on the final weight of your geese. Do not order until you have emailed us to verify sizes and delivery dates.

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Collection & Delivery

Where a deposit is required, the balance of your account is subject to any final weights.  Payment of all balances must be made prior to collection or delivery, and can be made via bank transfer or credit card (a 2.5% credit surcharge applies), and totals including delivery will be issued via invoice. Do we deliver to your area? Please ensure you have read all freight and delivery information for locations, rates, courier terms and information before placing and finalising your order.

Product Details

Muscovy Duck Hand SourcedUGoose geese are guaranteed goose not large Muscovy drakes. Geese are at their peak during the Winter months, meaning a larger bird with more fat disbursement and larger body.  Spring geese (available at Christmas time) are younger, smaller, and leaner.

All breeding gaggles and goslings for market enjoy free pasture access and forage for food, as well as being offered balanced specially formulated starter & grower rations. No geese are force-fed – they grow and develop as nature intended.

Muscovy Duck Hand SourcedUGoose are the only Australian goose producers to breed, incubate, hatch, brood, grow, finish and process all on their own land. They employ rotational grazing to increase biodiversity of soils with goose poo. The birds are hormone free, no antibiotics or growth promonants given, and no fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides used on the grazing land.

The Mackenzie’s process on their farm. The cycle of breeding, growing, and finally, slaughter is managed in a low key, stress free manner. This eliminates animal welfare issues related to stress and transport of the birds.


About the Mackenzies

HerbLucyThe Mackenzie’s are 5th generation farmers working from their home property ‘Seaforth’, located in the New England region of northern NSW. Their family business, ‘UGoose’, are the only goose producers in the country to breed, incubate, hatch, brood, grow, finish and process all on their own land.

All breeding gaggles of geese free range all the time.  Goslings for market are pasture assisted and offered  vitamin balanced rations.  NO geese are force fed – they grow and develop as nature intended.

These geese grace the table of Noma Australia, Rockpool, Spice Temple, ARIA, The Bridge Room, MoVida Aqui, Momofuku, Victor Churchill & Vue De Monde to name a few. Now, you can try them for yourself– or freeze a bird for your Christmas table.


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