Sommerlad Chicken Bespoke Mixed Box – customised

Price: per product, per kg
Deposit Required (pay now): $50.00


  1. Choose your range of cuts and speciality items from the wholesale list, downloadable here. You may order as much or as little as desired, as long as the carton is full (14-16kg).
  2. Make your order, below ( ‘1’= 1 x carton). Pay the deposit amount to secure your orderYou will receive a receipt via email, with an order number.
  3. I will contact you within 24 hours of receipt of deposit to finalise your carton content. (or, you can email us here with your desired carton content – ie – what you want in your carton, make sure you include your order number [begins with a W].
  4. We will invoice you the outstanding amount payable when your carton is ready to be delivered/collected. Each carton is sold by final weight per product at the per-product wholesale cost per unit, saving 30% on the RRP.

Next order cycle: June/July

If you need some step by step instructions – click here.


Our Heritage chickens are single origin, which means they all come from the same farm.

These chickens are small-batch, ethically raised, and enjoy longer, free-ranging lives in the woodlands of the Kiss family farm, ‘Meramie’, Wellington, New South Wales. They grow naturally at a slower pace, allowing for harmonious organ, muscle, and bone development over 14-18 weeks. The entire process, from start to finish, takes place in the family-owned farm abattoir, ensuring a chemical-free production. Kim and Bryan breed, grow, and process the only remaining original Sommerlad genetics all on farm.

Outdoor reared, happy, healthy natural chooks, free to roam whenever they like. These meat chickens are an excellent choice if you want a truly natural, slow-grown chicken that is full of flavour and reminiscent of the chickens of yesteryear.

Multiple award-winning Sommerlad chickens are hard to find and highly sought after. They look, cook, and taste unlike any other chicken available in Australia. 

2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 Award-winning chicken.

Read more about these chickens, and visit the farm, here. 

What's in your box?

What's in your box?

Available on a 6 weekly cycle, the weight value of between 14-16kgs per carton containing the mix of portions as you have requested.

Content:  your choice of  the following, no limit, mix and match to suit your requirements – 

  • whole chooks, any size – can be cut into halves if desired
  • wings
  • breasts
  • marylands
  • drumsticks
  • thighs
  • feet
  • frames
  • livers
  • hearts
  • giblets
  • balontine (whole boneless chickens)
  • necks
  • chorizo
  • sausages (variety of flavours)
  • mince
  • family sized pies
  • individual pies
  • smoked chickens, whole
  • smoked chicken breast
  • packs of skin
  •  – ask us if there are any special cuts or requests, usually, we can help 🙂 

delivery details

delivery details

Each carton is dispatched from our Sydney warehouse to the address supplied on your order.  Carton weights listed are indicative, your invoice will reflect the true weight of the carton.

Product is kept in a frozen chain from our depot through to your nearest cold store, however the courier who delivers your cartons may use a refrigerated vehicle, transported at 0c-1c – which mean you might (not always) see some softening of the product around the edges. This is not a problem – it is part of the Australian logistics networks. You can read more about that here. 

pick up options

pick up options

This carton may be collected from Beechworth – delivery fees still apply. Contact us to discuss.

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