Sommerlad Heritage Bred Chicken: Tenterfield

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Deposit: $20.00

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This product is sold by final weight. Pay the deposit amount to secure your order. We will contact you to confirm the final order weight, price, outstanding amount payable and any special requests. This product is frozen. 

Sommerlad Heritage Bred Whole Fresh Chickens – award winning high welfare table birds bred, raised and grown by the Sommerlad family in Tenterfield NSW. Pastured, free-ranging, heritage bred poultry.

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Product Details

EthicsPasture raised naturally grown heritage breed poultry, perfect for those seeking either a Label Rouge or Poulet de Bresse style French hen, or a deep, richer flavoured game style bird.
Producer Michael and Kathryn Sommerlad; Sommerlad Heritage Poultry Breeders, Tenterfield.
Genetics The Sommerlad family breed their exclusive table birds using genetic strains developed from heritage table breeds such as the Croad Langshan, Light Sussex, Plymouth Rock and Australian Game. Pedigree birds and eggs are extremely valuable as they represent generations of selective breeding.
Environment The Sommerlad breeding program thrives without the use of any agricultural chemicals, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Unlike commercially grown birds, no antibiotics are administered. Sommerlad birds roam far and freely from their portable shelters, and are grown in small groups of up to 250 birds.
Feed As well as foraging, birds have free access to locally grown non-GM Australian whole grains.
Processing After 12-14 weeks of slow, natural growth, Sommerlad chickens are carefully transported to a certified organic processing plant. They are processed, air chilled, then vacuum packed. After packaging they are delivered fresh and whole to Hand Sourced.
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Collection or Delivery

This product will be available to collect from Ascot, Brisbane.

Delivery can be arranged to selected locations in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. Please refer to our Customer Service or FAQs page for our delivery options and pricing or contact us for more information.

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About the Sommerlads


Michael & Kathryn Sommerlad - Sommerlad Poultry

The family farm Kildare nestles into the foothills of Tenterfield's New England highlands, northern NSW. Located just a stone's throw from the QLD border, it is here the Sommerlad family personally manage, breed, and develop their exclusive heritage table poultry. Diverse pedigree strains, specifically bred to thrive in free-range pasture rearing environments, mean they are well suited to Australian climatic conditions. Sommerlad chickens are, by nature, active foragers. They boast long, strong legs, colourful plumage and walk tall and proud due to pasture grazing and a natural diet.​ Unlike commercial strains, Sommerlad birds are naturally slow grown for 10-12 weeks before processing. At a time when nearly all chicken farmed and eaten in our country comes from the same imported genetic stock, Sommerlad chicken represents a quiet revolution in Australian chicken farming.

Hand Sourced birds come direct from the Sommerlad farm, and are exclusively available to our outlet.
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Customer Testimonials

A Massive Step Forward

"To my way of thinking, the Sommerlads have taken a massive step forward in Australian poultry. They have bred a meat bird from foraging, traditional egg-laying species rather than the Cobb or Ross species that totally dominate the meat poultry landscape of Australia. These are birds that grow slowly, roam and eat grass, bugs and grubs rather than protein- heavy superfoods. The result is a bird that produces a superior carcass and flesh in every sense."

John Lethlean
Food Writer

Loved everything about it!

We had your chicken this weekend and it was magnificent.  Loved everything about it. Great flavour in particular the breast meat. Would love to place a group order for family and friends. Is that possible?

Babak Hadi
Food Entrepeneur / Black Pearl Epicure


HOW GOOD WAS THE CHOOK?? Bloody fantastic that's how good. I haven't tasted one as good since I stopped growing my own 20 years ago.
I need more!

Russell Smith
Russell Smith is Regional Food's editor-at-large and National cheese judge

So much flavour!

Couldn't wait, had the chicken tonight! Did it on the Weber, just a bit of butter & salt. All I can say is Thank god I've found you !!!!!! Amazing, was just the bomb! So much flavour! 
Thank you so much, really love what you do.
Many cheers
From our little very satisfied family.

Tracy Takacs
Satisfied mum

Such a rich flavour and texture

We know of the benefits of free-range chooks. But the breeds of meat chickens traditionally grown in Australia often have not been bred to cope with, and thrive in true free-range pasture-rearing environments. Enter Sommerlad chickens, a unique slow-growing new breed. They are processed at 13 to 14 weeks and have a rich flavour and texture.

Alla Wolf-Tasker
The Lakehouse Daylesford

I have never tasted chicken quite like it

We have the Sommerlad chooks on our private dining menu in “The Servery”. I love the chicken, I have never tasted chicken quite like it. I would like to continue to use them.

Eileen Horsnell
Chef at Pearl café, Brisbane

This is a magnificent chicken

I come from the Bresse region in France and it is like our Poulet de Bresse. From the minute I took it out of the packet I knew the smell was like home. After a few minutes of cooking we knew we had something special.

Jacques Reymond
Melbourne chef

Harking memories of childhood Chicken Sundays

I recently cooked my first Sommerlad Chicken and couldn’t believe the flavour! Shirley had told me to expect something different to the standard breed I'd been used to, and right she was. The meat was juicy and flavourful, harking memories of childhood Chicken Sundays. Shirley is a dream to deal with. Her knowledge and devotion are genuine and leave me feeling richer for the experience.

Cordelia Vecchio
Health Coach at The Nourish Effect and Creative Director at Red Candy Food Consultancy and Marketing, Brisbane

Great chooken!!

Cooked one up last night for my grandfolk and they loved it!! Thanks so much for your hard work.

Toby Ryan

The pure flavour of the meat had a rich sweetness

Here's my experience tonight. Opened the plastic bags and smelled the raw you do. Nothing! No odour or aroma of any type. I can usually smell a supermarket chook. Don't panic- it's something I do. Just like sniffing new leather shoes. It was fascinating to see a chook so slender yet so heavy and plump with meat. Almost like a well defined body builder....not the type ballooned by steroids. In anticipation of these chooks I invited the neighbors over for dinner. Shirley suggested they should be cooked slow to keep them tender (The chooks not the neighbors). Oh dear. Time was running out. I got the chooks home at 6pm and had to get them cooked quick. I always roast chooks in my old roasting pan. It has a dome lid and rack. My version of a combi oven. I added 1/2 inch of water to the bottom of the pan to retain moisture. Sprinkled the chooks with sea salt. Nothing else. I wanted to taste the true flavour. Put the lid on. Bunged them in the oven. 175-180 degrees Celsius, for just under 2 hours. I used the pan juices to make a gravy with a clove of garlic and cornflour. The meal was amazing. The meat fell off the bone. The pure flavour of the meat had a rich sweetness. Tomorrow I'll cook the carcasses for stock. Success Shirley!

Chris Green
Food Strategy, QLD

SUCH an enormous difference in taste

I DID IT!!!! From a hapless culinary hack came the MOST delicious Sunday roast EVER!!! I followed the instructions with military precision. It was amazing – man, there is SUCH an enormous difference in taste. WOOT WOOT WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT...!

Kath Rose
Kath Rose & Associates, Brisbane

No doubt the most magnificent chicken we have ever tasted

Arrr spring has sprung and the grass is gris but I do know where my chicken is. My first bundle of joy came out of the fridge at 11.15 am and at exactly midday was laid breast down on the trivet on my Webber with nothing more than a good rub with olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt. I suspected this was going to be something special so to get myself totally in the mood a fine bottle of French bubbles went on the ice in anticipation but whilst waiting I just stayed simple with a fresh guacamole to accompany the great bird and a fine G&T to get me through to Chicken hour. I kept the heat at a constant 200 and after 1 hour removed my little chickadee to stand under cover for 10 minutes. Interesting observation the skin rose off the bird like I have never seen before and there was very little run off of juices after stand time. So moment of truth. I went straight to the breast to see what it was like, just simply sensational beautifully moist and tender and the flavour - outstanding. Put the knife into the thigh joint and it just melted apart and again had retained all the flavor and moisture within. A friend dropped by unexpectedly so I had no option to share but thankfully he doesn’t like bubbles so they was all mine! We tucked in, and the ohs and grunts said it all - absolutely no doubt the most magnificent chicken we have ever tasted, and that includes my pigging out on Bresse chicken in France. Thank you Shirley a true culinary treat and like so many wonderful things in the world of cooking best enjoyed kept simple.

Bob Gibbs
Australian politician - retired, QLD

Real-deal chickens

I'd LOVE to be able to purchase some more in the next round. Put us down for three please! Thanks for organising, you are helping many people eat the real-deal chickens, as grandma used to know 🙂

Benjamin Drozdovskii
Blackbird Music, Brisbane

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