Guinea Fowl (carton)

Price: 35.00kg
Deposit per carton (due now):

Incubated and grown on the Kruger family run farm, where specialising in pheasant, goose, turkey and guinea fowl take priority, these birds are grown in large pens that are rotated through grasses on the fertile Adelaide Hills. Chemical and hormone free, processed without bleach or chemicals and and packed by hand on the farm. Grown to 5-6 months of age for better fat coverage. Birds are supplied frozen. Typical weight 1.0-1.2kg per bird.

HOW TO ORDER: Minimum quantity is 1 x carton. Pay the deposit amount to secure your order, and you will then pay the balance once the final weight of your order has been calculated. We will contact you to confirm the final weight and outstanding amount payable before your carton is delivered/collected. Amount below refers to cartons (‘1’ = 1 x carton) and is sold by final weight. Cartons contain 8-9 birds per carton.


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Collection or Delivery

Where a deposit is required, the balance of your account is subject to any final weights.  Payment of all balances must be made prior to collection or delivery, and can be made via bank transfer or credit card (a 2.5% credit surcharge applies), and totals including delivery will be issued via invoice. Do we deliver to your area? Please ensure you have read all freight and delivery information for locations, rates, courier terms and information before placing and finalising your order.

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