Whole Partridge – Heritage Hill, Kangaroo Island, SA

Price: $39.99 per bird
Deposit per carton (due now): $50.00

Order Now: Make your selection below, pay your deposit, and we’ll invoice you the balance depending on final weight and delivery location. Venison is packed to order. Due to remote locations and limited transport options, allow 7-21 days to process your order. 


On Kangaroo Island, South Australia,  these partridges live as wild, living under netted bushland on coastal bush blocks. Never caged or restrained, partridges and are incubated, reared, and raised on the island before being chemical-free processed on the mainland.

These one-of-a-kind free-range birds have every taste of the wild – a good climate, fresh bugs and insects, a wide variety of native grasses, seeds, and rainwater – and it shows in their exceptional eating quality. These birds are the best of the best and can only be found at Hand Sourced as grown by John and Christine Kersley. These are a great ethical replacement for pigeon and squab. 


A seasonal product, quantities are available from March through August, then frozen stock is available until sold out. Partridges have a delicate, sweet flavour with slight game overtones. A bird weighs about 350-400g, so allow one bird per person.  Available in cartons of 10-18, supplied frozen.

Payment & Delivery

Payment & Delivery

Where a deposit is required to secure the order, the balance of your account will be subject to any final weights and delivery fees.  Payment of all balances must be made prior to collection or delivery, and can be made via bank transfer or credit card (a 2.5% credit surcharge applies). Balance totals, including delivery or handling fees, will be issued via invoice.

Most of our producers and suppliers choose not to use liners, insulation, or ice packs in their packaging to reduce their carbon footprint and minimise waste. Your product will arrive in typical wholesale packaging (sealed cardboard cartons). You must be home for your delivery or ask a neighbour to receive your box and place the products in your refrigerator or freezer.

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