Wild Venison ‘Fallow | Chital’ Bundle 1: Variety is the Spice

Price: $170.00 per carton
Full payment base box (due now): $170.00

Order Now: Each box includes a selection of vacuum packed cuts worth over $220.00 retail.

Make your selection, pay your deposit, and we’ll invoice you the balance depending on any additions made, and delivery location. Venison is packed to order. Due to remote locations and limited transport options, allow 2-4 weeks to process your order.


Fair Game bulk source fallow deer (Dama dama), or chital deer (Axis axis). Both are delicate and light in flavour when compared to other species. Wild venison originates from animals with a free-ranging lifestyle, with unrestricted access to native Australian bush-food and prime grazing land.  Animals never spend a single living moment in captivity and are completely chemical, antibiotic, and hormone free, as nature intended. 

Delivery Timing & Details

Delivery Timing & Details

Product is dispatched from Northern Rivers NSW direct to your delivery address. Carton weights list estimated sizing, your invoice will reflect true weight dispatched. Due to remote locations and limited transport options, allow 2-4 weeks to process your order.

Delivery fees will vary between $35.00-$55.00 depending on your location.  These delivery fees are charged by ‘Fair Game’ and will be outlined on your invoice.

Please note, once an order has left the ‘Fair Game’ facility we have very little control over the carrier’s delivery schedule – bad weather, fires, public holidays, strikes and similar factors may cause delays to your delivery. 

what's in the 'Variety' box

what's in the 'Variety' box

Your carton will contain a minimum quantity of the following:

  • Mince – 1.5 kg (min)
  • Slow cooking cut – diced/shanks/oyster cut bone in shoulder – 500 g (min)
  • Lean steak type cuts – topside/knuckle/rump/eye – 1 kg (min)
  • Fillet  – backstrap/tenderloin – 500 g (min)
  • Sausages – randomly selected from Bush tomato/Lemon myrtle/Fresh chorizo/wattle seed – 600 g (min)

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