Quail – Pastured Birds (carton)

Price: 9.99 per quail

Completely natural pasture raised quail from central western New South Wales. The selected breeding stock is derived from a specific Japanese strain of quail resulting in a gamier, richer flavoured meat with a deeper hue.  Bred on farm and hand raised on a small family farm, the quail are free to dust bathe, dig holes and scratch in their flocks, allowing the birds to express what is essential and natural to their own behaviour. The medium-dark flesh has a mildly gamey flavour that readily takes to being marinated, stuffed, or highly seasoned. They are small, so allow one to one half quail per person for an entrée. Because they are lean, they need to be cooked quickly over high heat and served medium rare to retain their moisture and flavour.

Birds come in cartons of trays, with 10 to a sealed tray, on a carton liner and on a soaker pad and average 200-220g per bird. Discounts apply with multiple trays. 


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Product Details

The quail live in very, very large portable walled enclosures which sit directly on the paddock, meaning they access fresh pasture everyday. The freedom to dig holes and shower themselves with dust keeps the birds mite and lice free, and that means they are free from medication and chemical intervention.  The birds forage for insects and grubs for a natural feed source, and have access to high-protein grain mix made in the local area specifically for the quail. This results in a far more complex flavor profile than caged and shed raised birds.

Quail are bred, hatched and reared on farm, and processed each week at by a small scale abattoir in Canowindra NSW (the same abattoir we have our Sommerlad chickens processed at) using controlled atmosphere slaughter meaning chemical free processing and no bleach on the skin.

Yes, these birds are expensive in comparison to caged birds. However, please remember:
* the only pasture raised quail farm in Australia in full time year-round commercial production, every other quail in Australia is barn or cage raised 
* raised on grass for around 10 weeks (shed and caged raised is much quicker at 6 to 7 weeks)
* the slower growth and access to grass, bugs etc makes for much darker meat and more solid fat around the breast, this is a result of the exercise and free flight. It’s a world apart from shed and caged quail produced in Australia 
* birds are slaughtered using c02 controlled atmosphere (no cutting off heads with pliers as is industry commonplace)
* processed with UV pasturised water so no chlorine or bleach bath that degrades the product, they are chemical free from start to finish

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