Wild Venison Tenderloin

Price: $63.00 per kg
Deposit per order (due now): $50.00

Source: NSW/QLD. Wild venison has a wonderful woody, almost fruity flavour and has a texture similar to beef.

Backstrap and tenderloin are the most tender cuts on the deer. They are also the most subtly flavoured. The loin is perfect for slicing into even-sized medallions to grill or cook in a pan with a lightly flavoured butter (lemon and thyme). Alternatively try the fillet chopped raw as a tartare – mix with small measures of chives, tomato sauce, mustard, chopped capers, Tabasco and top with an egg yolk to make an amazing, refreshing starter. This cut is best cooked to medium-rare.

How to order: Please select quantity below. (‘1’ = 5 kg tenderloin fillets). Allow 7-21 days to process your order. This product is sold by final weight and is harvested and packed to order, but may be provided frozen depending on demand.  Please ensure you have read the collection/delivery options below before placing your order, and please contact us with any queries, we’re happy to help. 

Currently unavailable, please contact us here to discuss your venison requirements.

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Collection and Delivery

Where a deposit is required, the balance of your account is subject to any final weights.  Payment of all balances must be made prior to collection or delivery, and can be made via bank transfer or credit card (a 2.5% credit surcharge applies), and totals including delivery will be issued via invoice. Do we deliver to your area? Please ensure you have read all freight and delivery information for locations, rates, courier terms and information before placing and finalising your order.

Product Details

Wild venison (chital & fallow) is a premium quality, wild harvested product shot at night while deer are resting, meaning no stress to herd or animal. An un-farmed product, natural and free from any added hormone or medication. Venison ranges with unrestricted access to Australian bush food and prime chemical free grazing land, which adds a rich depth to the meat. Qualified hunters carry out each cull as part of a chemical free, sustainable culling program. Only the highest quality juveniles are set-aside for Hand Sourced. Our venison is harvested to meet orders, please allow a 2-week window for first delivery. Our shooters do not shoot during rutting or breeding season (late autumn, early winter) or during inclement weather. Fair Game wild venison is the highest quality venison product available to the market.

This business began with the hope to cull the numbers by a controlled harvest, and to be able to process and sell the meat to the public. This is healthier, and more sustainable than the government culls where the carcass is left to rot and waste. 

Deer are harvested and skinned then aged in cool room conditions for 7 days before being sent to Hand Sourced. 

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