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We carry a wide range of pasture grown poultry with an emphasis on what grows seasonally. Check out our meaty Muscovy ducklings, local squab, or the award winning UGoose fresh seasonal geese.  Our duck and goose farmers, the MacKenzie family, offer a range of pates, rillettes, confit products too, and the only 100% Aussie goose fat available to Aussies. There’s duck fat, too – all hand rendered on the property.

Looking for chicken?  We are proud to be Brisbane’s sole distributor of Sommerlad Heritage Chicken. Visit our growers websites to learn about these exclusive, award winning birds, or  order your chicken here.  Sommerlad also offer roosters, smoked whole birds, Sommerlad liver and more

Most of our pasture raised poultry is received by the hospitality and retail sector.  If you would like to know more about our wholesale pricing, please contact us.

Food Service Clients