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Price: $26.80 per kg
Deposit per carton (due now): $25.00

Order Now: Make your selection, pay your deposit, and we’ll invoice you the balance depending on final weight and delivery location. Venison is provided frozen. Please allow 7-28 days to process your order. Restricted delivery locations apply – check here before ordering.  Contact us if your postcode does not show. 

‘1’ signifies 1 x 12-15kg carton. Individual vacpacked 1 muscle per bag. 


Discovered Wildfoods partner with private landowners throughout Victoria & New South Wales to bring you the finest wild venison available. None of the deer we harvest are ever trapped, penned, farmed, or subject to live transport or abattoirs

About Sambar Deer and how they are harvested

About Sambar Deer and how they are harvested

Sambar are the largest wild deer species in Australia and one of the most difficult to hunt. They are not able to be farmed with commercial success. The high country regions of south east Australia feature the largest wild Sambar herd in the world, far greater than those found in their original home of India.

Harvesters use state-of-the-art infrared cameras and drones to identify the location of deer populations without alerting their attention. Healthy animals are selected at a distance and harvested with a single head-shot from a suppressed rifle. Harvested animals are inspected in the field to ensure that they are free from disease. The meat is then transported to the processing facility under full inspection.

The Discovered approach is designed around avoiding stress and coercion at all costs. It plays a hugely important role in controlling meat quality – a stress free animal results in the highest quality meat possible.

Harvesters undergo rigorous accreditation by State authorities and are expertly trained marksmen with a deep love for the wild outdoors, and possess further accreditations in food safety, animal health and game management.

Delivery Details

Delivery Details

Product is dispatched from North East VIC Highlands direct to your delivery address. Carton weights listed are indicative catch weight – invoices will reflect true weight on dispatch.

NSW & QLD based customers incur a $55 delivery fee for orders below $350 / $35 for orders above $300. Check your location here.

Please note once an order has left the Discovered facility we have very little control over the carrier’s delivery schedule – bad weather, fires, public holidays, strikes and similar factors may cause delays to your delivery.

Product is kept in a frozen chain from our depot through to your nearest cold store, however the courier who delivers your cartons may use a refrigerated vehicle, transported at 0c-1c – which mean you might (not always) see some softening of the product around the edges. This is not a problem – it is part of the Australian logistics networks. You can read more about that here.

Pick Up Options

Pick Up Options

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